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Position 1
Director of Marketing & Business Operations

Estimated start date: 12/1/2015


Position Description: The Director of Operations and Marketing is responsible for the management and execution of events and projects owned and operated by The Recess Factory and its related entities, clients, and customers.


The position oversees the operation and administration of the office, staff, and contracted services of the business. The position will be responsible for our company's consistent delivery of customer service and status in the industry as a premier producer, consultant and developer in lifestyle athletic events, brand development and consultation.


General and Specific Requirements:

  • Hold strong personal passion for entrepreneurship and the willingness to learn by doing in a very independent work environment.

  • Understanding and belief that hard work pays off both emotionally and monetarily.

  • Organized, creative, self-starter, independent, oriented to detail, and driven by a commitment to service.

  • Fiscally accountable. Plan accordingly by budget forecasting events and projects.

  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop preferred.

  • History of sales experience preferred.

  • Experience with managing and delegating to project staff.

  • Ability to multi-task and solve problems in high pressure situations.

  • Willing to travel up to 20 weekends per year.



  • Establishes and maintains consistent communications and working relationships with customers, participants, staff, permitting agencies, and sponsors.

  • Create and confirm Course Maps

  • Execute Special Event Applications with the appropriate entities. To include but not limited to municipalities, counties, state departments, parks and recreation departments, DOT’s, USFS, Police, etc.

  • Book applicable vendors per event.


Marketing & Sales:

  • Develop and maintain a New Business Development plan, setting personal and company goals for new sponsors and clients.

  • Develop strategic event marketing plans per event, based on challenging and restrictive budgets, utilizing multiple marketing channels and methods.

  • Create TRF Company Service Level Agreements, in which our company and staff will strive to achieve in all that we do. 


Position Benefits:

  • Competitive industry salary

  • Health care allowance

  • Flexible schedule

  • Paid vacation

  • 401k options

  • Opportunity to travel for events

  • Exciting and always changing work atmosphere

To submit your resume, please send the following to:
- Cover letter (please be as creative as you'd like... no rules here.)
- Resume
- References
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